Why Are We So Obsessed About Our Future?

 I woke up around 2 in the morning today with a question in my mind: Why are we obsessed about our future?

We are hardly at home with our family because we are out working our butts off for their future. We miss out so much social gatherings that we are feeling so left out when we get the chance to meet our friends again. We only get 4 hours of sleep everyday and tell ourselves it’s for the future. We find ourselves on the brink of physically breaking down but we tell ourselves “it’s okay, it’s for the future.”

We are living for the future that we forget we live in the present. Why are we so obsessed about our future that in times of desperation, we are willing to seek out those gifted people who can see –  just to have a glimpse of our future? We are even quick to believe in what they say they see even if it’s not real.

Is it so we can control our lives, control our future?
Could it be that we want to be seen by our friends and other people as accomplished, happy and wealthy?
Why are we stressing ourselves about the kind of lives we do not have?
Why are we in a habit of comparing ourselves to others who seem “happy?”
An even better question to ask ourselves is – how do we truly live today?

We can’t control our future. We are not even sure if we will live to see our future. We should only be concerned about controlling today with a dream of tomorrow. We cannot help thinking about the future, but too much worry and too long of a stay in that state leaves our soul in the future. We end up with our physical selves walking today without souls. Hence, we become zombies, following those with their souls intact, who clearly live for the present.

We find ourselves comparing the lives of our “happy” friends – and what happens then? We develop a mind frame to work harder for our future so that when that “day” comes, it will be our turn to post our “happy” faces on Facebook and tweet our major accomplishments. This is a major depression and just gets us so obsessed about our future all the more.

So how do we embrace the present and live today?

1. Thanking for the gift of today. When we think about what we want our future to be, we can’t see what we have today. We forget to be grateful.

2. Don’t attempt to multi-task. We cannot savor and do what we have to do well in the present when our thoughts and soul are in for the future things.This is also about being mindful in everything we do today.

3. Live responsibly today and leave our future to Him. He never intended us to worry about the future, if so, he would have given us the gift seeing the future. We just worry how we are going to make it tomorrow with our souls fully intact. We may not have the given us the gift of seeing the future, but He has given us the gift of foresight

4. Stop comparing our lives with others. It can eat our hopes and dreams alive and we end up being depressed.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to stop obsessing out the future?

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