The Other Road

I know no one who dared enough to travel the path I’m going. It’s foolish and impractical. Truth is, most dreams are impractical, at least those that mattered; that’s why it’s called dreams. It is so we could stretch ourselves into doing things we never thought of doing, propelling and shaping us to be the person we thought we could never be.

Had I known that the road to finding my castle would be difficult and uncomfortable, I might have made more preparations; but just the same, I would still tread the same road.

In life, we probably get one chance, more if we’re lucky, to follow our dreams. And then it gets buried and forgotten by fears and responsibilities. But those chances are always there to open our hearts and pursue those dreams, if only we are strong enough to try and let go of the need to control. Oftentimes, we toss aside our dreams for the promise of temporal goals. Hence, the road to security emerged; the road that’s often being walked.

I had walked the same road for years because it was expected of me. I tried to deviate a little by going to a little less common to the standards of the “walkers.” Nevertheless, I was still considered a “walker.” 

A “walker” is whom I call a person that walks for the sake of going somewhere, never minding that the view is dreary and old. It’s a person who walks automatically to the default road. The person walks the same old road for his entire existence because it’s safe and tested and everyone else seems to walk the same path. He cares and wonders not what his life would have turned out to be had he chosen the other road, because as long as he surrounds himself with material possessions,  great or not, there’s not a need to do anything else but continue walking.

Dreamer on the other hand, risks everything else – security, power, comfort, routine, recognition – all for the search of something more grandeur; for what can be loftier than leading a life in search for the castle of his dreams?

The dreamers are becoming quite extinct because everyone in this world is obsessed in getting ahead and acquiring more and if that means abandoning the dreams, so be it. People are dying of acceptance and recognition and so they let their dreams die along.

I could have stayed where I was and programmed my thoughts to liking it. I could fool my mind by buying me toys to justify my stay but I knew, I  could never fool  my dream nor my heart. I deserve to give my dream a try.

So I have resurrected my long buried dream. I have awakened from sleepwalking and have begun traveling to a road less traveled. The problem with this road is, there are no signs to help me where to go next or how to go about doing it. There aren’t even much people around to ask directions from, much less, find someone who will deign enough to look at weary, lost kindred. But still, I travel forward, in search for the castle I see in my head, even if it rains or snows and I’ve no shelter to dwell and no one to comfort me but my voice. My voice is my compass and my heart is the road map. I could only rely on myself. How can I expect anyone to understand what I’m doing when most of them have forsaken their own dreams?  I just need to have faith that I am going to find it.  I know that when I see it, none of these will matter. 


I dared enough to dream and I know that in this world, that is rare for there are very few people who believe enough to dream. If for instance that I’ve reached the end of the road and no castle can still be seen, I know without a doubt that only the worldly goods would be the ones destroyed and depleted because as long as my heart beats, so does my dream.


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