Following Your Star

I often hear from others that you’re going to need a lot of courage the moment you decide to follow your star. Although I understand it, I cannot quite relate to it. Why would you need courage? You’re only following your heart and your dream. It’s not like you’re bungee jumping, right?

But now I realized why. It’s because your dreams are often impractical, scary, and risky – a lot like bungee jumping. Although you know that you have a rope tied on your feet to keep you from falling flat on your face and die, it still does not take away the fact that jumping in to the vast space of uncertainty is frightening.

You will have plenty of valid reasons to quit, and most often than not, these reasons will echo in your head like someone pressing the rewind button over and over. This only intensifies more the moment you let yourself  listen to any of it. And before you know, you will have succumbed back to your old self and back to the logical way of life like the rest of the logical around in the world. And your ego would have won, and you would not have known what it feels like to bungee-jump.

That’s the way ego works. It acts as if it has your best interest by making you remember that you don’t have enough skills or enough management or financial creativity to tread the path you’re going, so it tells you to save your face now and quit while it’s still early. From the logical standpoint, it makes sense. It will always make sense because it knows you and it knows what works for you.

But this does not mean that it is privy to what God has intended for you to do. It does not mean that it is right.

What you must do instead is tune in to what your heart and ask yourself “what does my heart say on this matter?” Does it feel right jumping into this? How does it make you feel?

It’s alright to feel scared because it means that something in it is worth pursuing; else, it wouldn’t have brought out such kind of emotion. Scary means there is a great potential for personal growth. Oftentimes, this scary feeling is accompanied with excitement – and that is the combination of emotions you will want to pursue.

Your ego again is going to want to butt in as its last retort. But I’ve learned from past experience that this is exactly the moment when you want to be stubborn and persist in your goal.

Why that is, I don’t have the answer. I just know that it will be worth it even if things don’t turn out the way you wanted it to be because your heart would still have won over your ego.


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