10 Reasons Why You Should Love Reading

I can still vividly recall back when I was in grade school when I would use my chance to buy new pocketbooks as incentive to take piano lessons. I cannot recall how my passion for reading started. I just know that I love books – the smell, the texture, the characters, the words.

I rarely meet someone who’s as passionate as I am in reading that’s why when I meet a kindred soul, I feel an instant connection.

I didn’t know then that to be a great writer, you need to be a great reader. And even if you don’t intend to be a writer, I still cannot understand why anyone wouldn’t want to sit back and curl up with a good book.

It is not my intention to persuade you to start heading to a bookstore to get a book or to start buying e-readers but here are just some things to let you know what books and reading materials have done for me over the years:

1. Reading broadens my perspective in life. I cannot hope to experience everything and the best I can do is to listen to the writers’ wisdom and reflect on those to mine.

2. Reading sweeps me away from my world temporarily and brings me to places that only existed in the writer’s creative mind. 

3. It introduces me to new concepts. I don’t expect people to teach me new things through their stories, words and actions. Not many of them will want to or will be able to.There are far too many things that can be learned from books and it is best to learn them on your own.

4. Reading makes me experience things I otherwise could not have felt or experienced.

5. It calms down my agitated nerves. When I’m all stressed out and the voice inside my head won’t shut up, I turn to books.

6. It teaches me to visualize. Visualization is something I can do as soon as close my eyes. I visualize the characters I want to write; I visualize the things I want to achieve. At an early stage, parents who read to their children are prepping their children for their future. Visualization is a must in success (not necessarily be financial success).

7. It has made me love words and writing. It not only expands my vocabulary but it greatly improves my writing as well as I take in new concepts and writing styles in each blog, book, newspaper articles or magazines I read.

8. Books connect people who are in two different sides of the world. Books unite people of different cultures, different world, different personalities.

9. It keeps me preoccupied. Sure video games, TV, sports can occupy my mind as well but nothing is as satisfying as reading.

10. It challenges my thinking.

Just like your body, you have to keep your brain healthy by supplying the right kind of food. Reading is the brain food. Sometimes, I can tell if the person I’m talking to reads books or not. So reading not only changes your perception in life but your words as well.

What about you? What does reading do to you and how has reading changed your life?

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