Is There a Shortcut to Happiness?

We have all been a victim of bullying once, twice, or more in our lives. Face it, not everyone in this planet has been born with perfect features. Just imagine how boring it will be if everyone looks model-perfect with no personality quirks to differentiate one from another.
Being bullied is part of our lives. It’s what builds our character and makes us who we are today. So to let a 7-year old girl go through plastic surgery just to hide her pointy ears was not only too pretentious, but completely unnecessary.
Has our world really become too open-minded about these things and too shallow at the same time? Have we been completely duped by the media to believe that we have to look good, look normal just to be accepted? That the moment we let our hair too oily, dress too lousy, teeth yellow-y – we are going to be rejected?
I think we have become too comfortable to shortcuts. Separation and divorce are being filed here and there just because of “irreconcilable differences” (e.g., sexual, mental incompatibility, inability to resolve conflict, lifestyle or religious differences) when it could have been worked out had both parties compromised and worked out their relationships.
We buy instant whatnots, quick-fixes, cellulite massagers, treatments among other hundreds of “instant” programs just so we could fool others into seeing that we look “good,” because the only way to truly achieve that “fit and healthy” look is by sticking to a diet plan strictly and doing tedious fitness routines regularly. And that doesn’t work for us because well, it isn’t instant.
We live in a world today where instant gratification and instant relief have become too common. We run away from our emotions when “instant fix” is not available to correct our situations. We then experience depression when these emotions are starting to become too hard to handle. And when the “instant fix” that could alleviate our problems is not attainable, we turn to the next best “instant fix” – addiction.
Truth is, whether or not happiness is easy to achieve will depend on how we look at happiness. If happiness to us is when we surround ourselves with material possessions and achievements, happiness to us may be hard to attain. We may be tempted to buy in to the “shortcuts.” Be warned though that this kind of happiness is fleeting. It won’t be long before you find yourself slump in the mud, looking for another thing to acquire to achieve that kind happiness.
But if happiness to us is intangible like inner peace, then we only need to learn about self-mastery and we shall be genuinely happy – without even changing anything on our external situation.

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