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Do You See the Lesson?

Do you find yourself repeatedly being stuck in the same old situation? For example, do you feel like you always fall for the same abusive people over and over again? Or perhaps you constantly find yourself in a situation that tests your patience all the time? These situations are not there to punish you or make your life a living hell.

These situations are there to teach you the lesson, to which you are not conscious of. There is such a thing as karma and reincarnation, and believe it or not, you are here in this lifetime to settle old debts from your previous lifetime.

So in the above situation where you repeatedly see yourself falling for the wrong person, ask yourself what are you here to learn? Why do you keep making the same mistake? What are you not learning and seeing? This is much like taking a school exam. You either flunk it or pass. If you flunked the test, then clearly there was something in the lesson that you did not understand. But if you passed, you can move on to the next level.

Similarly, you are here to balance things out. The clearer you see the whole picture, the better you will be able to accept the lesson and  heal.

Unfortunately, most people don’t see the lesson. Most choose to be victims of their circumstance and ask God “why me?” instead of “what am i to learn from this situation?”

So, instead of running away from your emotions and other situations for fear of having to face the same issues, tell yourself that this time you’re going to be ready for the lesson, and that this time, you won’t make the same mistake.

So assess your life right now to figure out what similar circumstance keeps popping up in your life. Perhaps there is a lesson that you’re not seeing.