Morning Coffee

Drinking coffee in the morning is such a universal act, no matter what your status in life maybe. The rich, the poor, the famous and the ordinary, decaf, non-fat, espresso, 3-in-1, whatever it is, it is a one thing that we all have in common.

People however have different reasons for drinking a cup of coffee every morning. For some, drinking coffee is a way to get in touch with their friends, a way to socialize. For others, it may be as something as straight forward as an energy boost. Drinking morning coffee to me though is a ritual, a reward, a routine, a state of mental preparation for what lays ahead of me. It is something to look forward to each day.

Morning coffee brings me bliss.

I can state a number of reasons why I love drinking hot coffee in the morning.

One reason is that coffee mentally prepares me for the challenges and events that will take place that morning. It is the alarm clock for my brain. Another is that coffee brings hope to my life; hope that one day at a time, I will not need to rely on coffee or dopamine to make me happy; hope that coffee will not be my only reason to wake up and face another day.

Coffee in the morning is not the same as coffee in the afternoon. Each sip I take renews my outlook and refreshes my soul – all in preparation for the day ahead of me. It also eases stress when I know there will be storm coming in. Every gulp is like a reminder that I can get through this.

Coffee sparks creativity as well. It activates brain cells and ideas just seem to jump right at me. Drinking morning coffee is something I cannot miss. It is my companion. When everything and everyone seems to have let me down, a cup of coffee is all it takes to lift my spirit. With all these in mind, I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one who feels the same.

Coffee is big part of people’s lives and it’s no wonder why coffee business is sprouting here and there.
Morning coffee to me is not a luxury, but a necessity to get through life.


Music And Fashion

Music has definitely evolved into something more complicated back when it was just jazz, classical or rock. Today, there is a whole new range of genre like indie pop, indie rock, garage music with indie that is called grindie, electro pop and others that it has become a bit difficult to categorize what kind of music the artists are really into. But regardless of the categorization challenge, music is and will always be an inspiration to all of us. It is a language anyone understands even if someone may be unfamiliar with the genre or the language. The creative tune behind the words, is powerfully enough to evoke passion and motivation in any weary soul. Besides the feet humping. head banging, body grooving to the music, it seems to move things from impossibility to success. Coupled that tune with lyrics and you’ve got an exploding combination of art that can heal anyone’s wounded heart. 

Music has been always linked to fashion and vice versa since they both share certain characteristics. Music has different genres as fashion has trends; songwriters create new songs and singers, bands, artists and most often the songwriters themselves translate that beautiful, meaningful songs into haunting melody while fashion has designers who turn their vision of beauty into visceral art and models carry out those visions to reach out to the people; loads of songs come out every day and fashion changes every few weeks; music has top songs and fashion trend has “ins” and “outs.” 

And because of these parallelism, you can easily see people’s taste in music often reflected on their piece of clothing and style. People who are into alternative, punk-rock, rock, emo genre whose fashion style is evident in their all-black ensemble while those who prefer contemporary music and are very much “in the know” as to “who’s who” in top 20 last week are often seen wearing cutesy, sexy, in-the-season fashion. 

And then there are those who don’t care to know the current songs in the hit list nor do they follow a specific music genre are most often seen in clothes they are most comfortable in. They do not have specific “look” or signature style. They wear whatever suits their mood for the day and listen to the music that matches that mood. They can go from sporty style to hippie look.

There are also those who dress conservatively in their almost uniform like clothing style every single day – trousers and same colored long sleeved polos are most likely into old, songs they are familiar with for the longest time and never cared to learn who is Bruno Mars or Katy Perry. Their thinking usually falls into the category that music is fickle as fashion is and they have no time to waste on music the kids and young ones enjoy these days nor risk wearing pinstriped long sleeves paired with striped neckties.

With the examples stated above, it is safe to say that a person’s particular fashion sense is greatly influenced on how that person feels toward the music he is listening to, or the lack thereof.

Music is food for our emotions and thoughts and Fashion is clothe. Fashion is an expression of who we are and who we want others to see. No matter how capricious the nature of music and fashion is, both are not a luxury but a necessity people should start paying attention to because both can turn an ordinary life into how it should really be – art and passion.

Law Of Attraction In Moderation

It’s not about you. The world does not revolve around what you like and don’t like. Life isn’t about the rules you’ve made up. It is not about what’s “in” in the fashion world or if you have the latest coveted bags out there. It isn’t even about what job you should have. It’s never been about what you want but what God thinks you need.

There has been a lot of hype regarding the law of attraction. The reason why it’s so popular is because it works. People believe enough to make it work – to some extent at least. It states that you only have to will what you want to happen and it shall come to you. Anything happens in between happens because of how you’ve thought about that thought. But you need to know how to do it in moderation, without getting too attached to the whole idea of it that you block your awareness. Too much of it can be paralyzing because you cannot simply let go of your expectations.

You need to understand that sometimes, no matter how hard you will it, it doesn’t bend accordingly. Believers would probably argue that it’s mainly because you were doing it wrong in the first place. But the thing is, when it comes down to God versus the Universe, God wins hands down. It is what God wants to happen to you that will prevail. If everything else happens to you according to what you’ve wanted, how will you fail and learn the biggest lessons in life?

The concept of law of attraction was created for your own peace of mind. It did not come into your awareness to replace reality for your own convenience selfish desires. It is not some genie in the bottle waiting at your every command. The concept of law of attraction is to bring up hope to a weary soul. 

It is there to bring you back your sanity. It is there to help you see the world in a new shade; to replace the heavy heart with a light one. It is never about expectation, so much so that when your vision fails to materialize, you suddenly find yourself farther than where you initially started from.

You cannot force things to go your way, try hard as you might. Humans are supposed to adapt to the situation and not the other way around, no matter what the concept of law of attraction says. In order to be happy, you need to lower down your expectations and let life surprise you. It feels a lot better to get the things you never expected to have than to expect things just because you’ve willed it and only to fall short from it in the end.

It is always recommended to choose to see the positive light of any situation as long as you know when to separate fantasy from reality, and know when to pull yourself back up again when things don’t come your way.

The Back float Lesson

 read somewhere in Matthew Kelly’s book that when we struggle, there are lessons we are failing to learn.

But before we could even go to the lessons, we must learn to see them. And usually, it’s the “seeing” the lesson that is the hardest because we got used to being told what must be done and autonomous thinking is becoming ancient. There are just far too many distractions around us, no time to think. We fail to see what is wrong in the picture. We get too caught up to what we want to happen that we don’t see that the “rainbow” is black & white and accepted nonetheless because there are many things running in the background.

This happens to all of us. It’s the only way to grow. We struggle, we grow. The only difference is how soon and how late we grow for it is dependent on how we learn to recognize the pattern. Pattern, yes, that’s how i see every battle, every problem in every situation. Everything around us has a pattern, no matter how creative a job entails. We get up in the morning, dress up, go to work. Everything has a pattern and we have to see how it works; else, we get delayed.

After seeing the pattern and understanding the problem, we work on the solution. Sometimes, it dissolves on its own without making any effort. Sometimes, we try so hard but just can’t get pass the hurdle.

I would liken the struggle we go through to a person trying to learn to back float for the first time. He is afraid to get water into his ears. He panics. And because he panics, he struggles to learn the lesson. The more he struggles to learn the lesson, the more he ends up with frustration. And with frustration, comes stress. and you know what happens when stress comes into the picture.
Failure. Health. More trouble. 

Try hard as we may, there are certain things that just don’t bend according to our will. At least not as soon as we want them to be. Some things need to mature and when you force it, it goes awry.
But the key to it all is to just let go. Let go of the need to control. Let go of the society and self-made rules that only complicate things. Sometimes, the solution is just to let things course through on its own. As we begin to release the control, we relax and we begin to trust. and the next thing we know, we’re already doing the back float.