Music And Fashion

Music has definitely evolved into something more complicated back when it was just jazz, classical or rock. Today, there is a whole new range of genre like indie pop, indie rock, garage music with indie that is called grindie, electro pop and others that it has become a bit difficult to categorize what kind of music the artists are really into. But regardless of the categorization challenge, music is and will always be an inspiration to all of us. It is a language anyone understands even if someone may be unfamiliar with the genre or the language. The creative tune behind the words, is powerfully enough to evoke passion and motivation in any weary soul. Besides the feet humping. head banging, body grooving to the music, it seems to move things from impossibility to success. Coupled that tune with lyrics and you’ve got an exploding combination of art that can heal anyone’s wounded heart. 

Music has been always linked to fashion and vice versa since they both share certain characteristics. Music has different genres as fashion has trends; songwriters create new songs and singers, bands, artists and most often the songwriters themselves translate that beautiful, meaningful songs into haunting melody while fashion has designers who turn their vision of beauty into visceral art and models carry out those visions to reach out to the people; loads of songs come out every day and fashion changes every few weeks; music has top songs and fashion trend has “ins” and “outs.” 

And because of these parallelism, you can easily see people’s taste in music often reflected on their piece of clothing and style. People who are into alternative, punk-rock, rock, emo genre whose fashion style is evident in their all-black ensemble while those who prefer contemporary music and are very much “in the know” as to “who’s who” in top 20 last week are often seen wearing cutesy, sexy, in-the-season fashion. 

And then there are those who don’t care to know the current songs in the hit list nor do they follow a specific music genre are most often seen in clothes they are most comfortable in. They do not have specific “look” or signature style. They wear whatever suits their mood for the day and listen to the music that matches that mood. They can go from sporty style to hippie look.

There are also those who dress conservatively in their almost uniform like clothing style every single day – trousers and same colored long sleeved polos are most likely into old, songs they are familiar with for the longest time and never cared to learn who is Bruno Mars or Katy Perry. Their thinking usually falls into the category that music is fickle as fashion is and they have no time to waste on music the kids and young ones enjoy these days nor risk wearing pinstriped long sleeves paired with striped neckties.

With the examples stated above, it is safe to say that a person’s particular fashion sense is greatly influenced on how that person feels toward the music he is listening to, or the lack thereof.

Music is food for our emotions and thoughts and Fashion is clothe. Fashion is an expression of who we are and who we want others to see. No matter how capricious the nature of music and fashion is, both are not a luxury but a necessity people should start paying attention to because both can turn an ordinary life into how it should really be – art and passion.


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