The Back float Lesson

 read somewhere in Matthew Kelly’s book that when we struggle, there are lessons we are failing to learn.

But before we could even go to the lessons, we must learn to see them. And usually, it’s the “seeing” the lesson that is the hardest because we got used to being told what must be done and autonomous thinking is becoming ancient. There are just far too many distractions around us, no time to think. We fail to see what is wrong in the picture. We get too caught up to what we want to happen that we don’t see that the “rainbow” is black & white and accepted nonetheless because there are many things running in the background.

This happens to all of us. It’s the only way to grow. We struggle, we grow. The only difference is how soon and how late we grow for it is dependent on how we learn to recognize the pattern. Pattern, yes, that’s how i see every battle, every problem in every situation. Everything around us has a pattern, no matter how creative a job entails. We get up in the morning, dress up, go to work. Everything has a pattern and we have to see how it works; else, we get delayed.

After seeing the pattern and understanding the problem, we work on the solution. Sometimes, it dissolves on its own without making any effort. Sometimes, we try so hard but just can’t get pass the hurdle.

I would liken the struggle we go through to a person trying to learn to back float for the first time. He is afraid to get water into his ears. He panics. And because he panics, he struggles to learn the lesson. The more he struggles to learn the lesson, the more he ends up with frustration. And with frustration, comes stress. and you know what happens when stress comes into the picture.
Failure. Health. More trouble. 

Try hard as we may, there are certain things that just don’t bend according to our will. At least not as soon as we want them to be. Some things need to mature and when you force it, it goes awry.
But the key to it all is to just let go. Let go of the need to control. Let go of the society and self-made rules that only complicate things. Sometimes, the solution is just to let things course through on its own. As we begin to release the control, we relax and we begin to trust. and the next thing we know, we’re already doing the back float.


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